Prom Nights

boys and girls on prom nightWe offer the modern-day royal carriages for every teenager’s prom.

Prom night is one of the most memorable events of a student. Every teenager deserves to feel special during such an occasion. Our party buses allow your kids to feel like kings and queens for an evening.

Parents should make sure their kids are traveling safely to and from the venue. If they let their kids take the wheel, accidents may happen. Kids may get too excited or feel like showing off their driving skills to their date or friends. There is also a chance they may be running late.

Letting parents drive isn’t the best idea, either. A little space must be conceded–some quality time for the kids to spend among themselves. However, a taxi doesn’t look so appealing. The prom is not just some typical day at school. A sense of sophistication and elegance is needed–why else are the kids so nicely groomed and dressed?

That is why you can trust our services. We employ highly experienced chauffeurs to ensure a smooth and safe ride for your kids to and from the prom venue. With our services, you and your kids won’t have to worry about anything while on the road. All they should know is this: the fun starts in the party bus.

We reassure parents that our drivers can serve as their kid’s adult chaperones, implementing rules that must be followed when inside the vehicle. It is their job to tell them what is or what isn’t allowed. Although our services are purposed for having a good time, complete freedom is not among the perks. It is our responsibility that your kids enjoy clean fun and do nothing illegal inside.

Classy in appearance, our party buses make the best impression for your kid’s date and friends. Everything from the built-in sound system to the lounge-like leather seats enables an indoor environment allowing them to chill out. Our vehicles are especially enjoyable when taking about half a dozen students to the prom, as the kids can have great conversations, play games, sound music and watch movies or TV. Provided they follow the set rules, the vehicle is their den for the whole night.

Let us gladly drive your kids to the prom, and all you have to wonder is how much fun they’re having.

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